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Your September Horoscope - here it comes

Your September Horoscope - here it comes

First of all, yes, Mercury retrograde. But as we navigate Virgo season, you need to get prepared for practical things and the perks of being a practical human. There is magic in being this way! Plus, the past season - Leo - just reminded you that you need to reclaim your power and take space, so you might be more confident today after the summer. Because it's time to dream big. So what will this month be like? With the Sun in Virgo, get ready to work on a plan that will finally make your dreams and goals - a reality.

September begins with considering a few over-the-top statements, as Mercury in Libra is across the sky from Jupiter in Aries. You love bold ideas, but maybe you might be sometimes biting more than you can chew - did that ever happen to you? Fear not. Because you are a master in disguise this month and you can change perspectives to adapt to whatever might come before you. In order to do that, it's also essential to see the big picture. Well, that's a good start for September!

Then, a few days into the fall month, Venus (the planet of love and luxury) enters Virgo and this might be a bit challenging for you. As you probably know, it's not easy for Virgo to relax and accept the pleasures of Venus. But this transition is a good opportunity for acts of service, and it's a constructive period to use conversations to enhance your most intimate connections. Refining and pivoting your practices can bring you more peace. September 9 comes with a Mercury retrograde in Libra and as the planet Mercury moves through Libra, the emphasis falls on your connections and communication patterns and habits. It's important at this time to communicate your needs and set your boundaries. Moving on to September 10, there will be a full moon in Pisces so your mind might wander in other territories and thoughts as the Moon travels nearby Neptune, the planet of spirituality. The Full Moon will also create a soft connection with Uranus: this is your sign to try new things. Don't forget about your boundaries, resting time, and listening to your own needs.

Once you get to the middle of September, Venus, your love and creativity sign in the skies, will initiate a tight square with Mars in Gemini. What does that mean, exactly? Well, it might make you feel like you need to be more impulsive, especially when it comes to your pleasures and desire. We're talking sexual tension in the air. On the 16th of September, the Sun sits opposite Neptune in Pisces, which adds a bit of disorder to everything you might experience. However, keep in mind that you might not have a full understanding of the circumstances, and it's mandatory to take a breath and press pause before you respond or react.The Fall Equinox starts on September 22: the Sun enters Libra. This is perfect for taking more time for yourself and feeling your best. Put on a hydrating mask, dress in your most comfy and beautiful clothes, and send those flirty invitations. You can play and find new connections that provide satisfaction on multiple levels. On the same day, the Sun and Mercury meet at the same point in the sky and create what astrologers call a cazimi. Let us explain this a bit: when Mercury sits in the core of the Sun, it means there's a great realization coming. So you need to pay extra attention to your intuition. Everything you do today might have a special meaning and role in your future.

The celestial mood changes the next day, September 23, as Mercury Retrograde enters Virgo. You might be feeling that things from last month are haunting you or at least need your attention, which is totally possible. You might also experience miscommunication, so it's important to pay extra attention to what you communicate and moreover don't take it personally. Next, Venus and Neptune can make you see everything in a favorable light, but pay attention and set your boundaries, in order to avoid any possible disappointments. Our advice: don't idealize people or situations, even tough it seems like everything is perfect. The following days will be good for a fresh start in your relationships area and also a chance for you to review conversations you have been avoiding perhaps and that can no longer be postponed. Jupiter might amplify situations, feelings, things, and this can bring you either more drama or a blessing.

All is good though, not to worry, because by the end of September there is some relief as Venus re-enters Libra and love and beauty find their home as you also find harmony and peace in your love life. You know the planet Venus blossoms when it's in Libra, so this transit can be super beneficial for you, sending only good vibes and fortune your way, wherever you are! So, make the most of it, enjoy the fall season and get in touch with your feelings: the stars are on your side this time.

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September 9, 2022
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