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Should You Use Sex Toys In Your Relationship?

Should You Use Sex Toys In Your Relationship?

Some say that guys are more into sex toys, some say it's girls. The truth is that we might be talking about different kinds of sex toys when it comes to gender. Be honest, if someone tells you a guy is into sex toys, what springs to mind first? Sex dolls. Right? Also, something about sleazy, living in mom's basement, possible ax murderer, etc. Nobody imagines a woman having a life-sized guy at home that she gets freaky with while living in her dad's basement and plotting her next black widow event.

Far from it. Sex toys and women are associated with sexual freedom, empowerment, sensuality, and kinkiness. This unspoken double standard can muddy the waters when it comes to raising the topic of sex toys with your partner, particularly if you're a guy. It doesn’t to be this way however and today we take a look at some of the realities of sex toy use with couples and how you might want to introduce the idea to your babe if the subject is one that has never been raised between you.

The best sex toys for couples

If you're a guy and your favorite sex toy is a hyper-realistic silicon-coated replica of a French maid, we aren't judging you. Just know that this is probably not the first item you want to suggest as an addition to your couple’s sex life. It may not be one that you ever introduce to your loving partner. However, there are plenty more that are calculated not exclusively for his or her pleasure, but for both parties to enjoy equally. Here’s our list of the top five in no particular order.

The Finger Vibrator

Few things are more satisfying than watching your partner climax and knowing you made it happen. Let's face it though, sometimes it gets not only tiring but even boring as well. Your arm gets tired, your fingers are sore, and you're beginning to yawn and think about the weather for your boating trip in the morning. With one of these handy devices, slipped on easily over a couple of fingers you can get the same amazing results in a fraction of the time. Some models can also be slipped over your shlong to provide extra stimulation while you do the deed.

The Cock Ring

Slip this simple elasticated ring around your junk and the effects can be astounding. Not only will it give you more girth as blood flow out of your shaft is restricted, but it can also help you last longer, and let's face it, most guys can use a little help in that direction. Be careful with this one as prolonged use can have potentially negative effects on your member and you really don't need that.

The Tailed Butt Plug

Hear us out. This may not be what you or your partner is used to, but never try, never know. These things look cute right out of the box, with a classic Playboy magazine bunny effect. It doesn't have to be a bunny tail, however, as most retailers have plenty of styles to choose from. The item is inserted into the anus of the 'pet' in the role-play while the 'owner' does the business.This may not be the first toy you suggest, but don’t be surprised if it becomes a family favorite over time.

The Blow Job Stroke

Most girlfriends and significant others are more than happy to give a hand job. Blowjobs can sometimes be a harder sell. Even when you have a cooperative partner, sometimes the results can be less than pleasing if your significant other has less than stellar technique in these departments. Enter the Blow Job Stroker. This is a grip-sized open-ended penis 'sleeve' that slips on over the head of your Johnson with the right amount of lube.

The Riding Crop

Definitely old school but some things never go out of style. This old-fashioned item can be an excellent way to introduce sex toy fun into a stale sex life and if your gal was a fan of the 40 Shades series or other literature in a similar vein, she has probably been dying for you to ask. You might see her cum in a way you never thought possible and who knows, if she returns the favor, you might discover a whole new world of pleasure for yourself that you had never considered before.

Is it right for my relationship?

The stats today indicate that as much as 82% of couples in the United States own sex toys, so this is no longer a taboo subject. This doesn't necessarily mean that it's right for your situation, however. The remaining 18% may be having the greatest time of their lives. Just know that it's not weird, or offbeat for couples to own sex toys in 2022 so if you are broaching the subject, be confident that you aren't asking anything crazy of your partner.

A good natural way to do it might be to comment on a commercial you've seen somewhere about a sex toy. Mention casually how you think it seems interesting. Keep it lighthearted and judge from the response how interested or appropriate it might be. The bottom line is that there is a good 82% chance that she is open to the prospect and has been waiting to broach the subject with you as well.

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August 18, 2022
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