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Is It Only Your Money She Wants?

Is It Only Your Money She Wants?

It's a cliché that women judge men by their ability to provide while men judge women by their looks. And for looks, let’s read ‘fertility’, because although you may not want to think about that scenario yet, we’re talking evolution here folks. Maybe this was the reality of our condition back in the stone age, but what about today? Wage parity between men and women's earnings is fast approaching, and in many situations, women are earning more than the men they are considering dating. Do you have to bust your ass to be a success if you want to get inside her head? Do you have to fake your level of wealth just to get a shot at making her see that your incredible sense of humor will make up for your empty bank account?

Hard questions indeed, but is any of this even true anymore? With the advent of dating apps, a simple swipe left or right determines a potential encounter. Aren’t we all now just looking for the hottest date while the ability to provide for a family is far down the list of considerations? At Superbe we believe in getting to the truth no matter how unpalatable it is and here’s what we found.

The American Study

Senior researchers from MIT and Stanford decided they need to know the answer to these questions. These highly credentialed guys, we kid you not, conducted an in-depth study nationwide in the US on this very subject. And who better to do it after all? The halls of many a technical institute are too often the domain of single males dreaming of hooking up with the rare females who grace their lecture theaters. These guys need answers with sound sociological underpinnings fast. Nothing unscientific will do. To get to the truth economist Robert Jensen, currently at Yale, and sociologist Michael Rosenfeld, currently at Stanford, gathered together a sample size of 4000 American households. This is well over the number required to indicate statistical significance and what they found, was truly fascinating.

The good news for high earners was that for every 10% jump in your income, you have an 8% increase in attractiveness. The inverse also being true of course. In further good news, this means that you lose 2% of this boost with every 10% pay raise or bonus you receive. This indicates that there is a cut-off point in earnings beyond which it makes no sense to earn more money if all you are interested in is meeting women. 

Money Isn’t Everything

I hear you scoff, but the reality is you are selling the ladies short if you think money is the only thing they want. The truth is, there’s actually a lot more they want than just your cash. But this isn’t a bad thing. The study showed that money is not everything and that if a number of other stars align in your total package as a human being, then your money is just one, albeit not insignificant, part of your overall attractiveness.

Earning Potential Vs Bank Account

It turns out that women are even smarter than you thought. The key to her heart isn’t merely flashing your wealth around, what she needs to know is how you got your hands on all that filthy lucre in the first place. Or if you don’t have it yet, exactly how you plan to get it in the future. To put it simply, if you inherited a billion bucks, you are attractive. But not as attractive as the guy next to you who earned a billion bucks with his hard graft intelligence and shrewd go-getting attitude. It stands to reason, right? Maybe you have a million bucks in the bank, but how likely are you to keep it there?

If the dough runs out, how capable are you of earning it all back again? She wants someone to provide in perpetuity, in good times, and in bad, not just until the last bottle of pink Champagne has been guzzled and the ATM card swallowed into the wall. Why is this good for you? You may not have a penny to your name, but if you have a good sense of humor, a solid plan, and a demonstrated work ethic to carry it out, she's more interested in you than she is in the rich kid on a mission to crash all of his daddy's sports cars. She can't help it, she is built that way by evolution and mother nature herself.

But There’s More

It’s not only the ladies that can be swayed by earned wealth. All things being equal guys also showed a light preference for women who earned their dollars themselves. The difference wasn’t nearly as much as for women’s preferences for self-made men, but it was still there.

The Final Verdict

Whether you are looking for a hookup or a soulmate, the advice is the same. Get yourself a financial plan and stick to it. Not only will it benefit your life personally, but if you are looking to get next to that hot girl or potential life partner, science says the best way to stack the odds in your favor is to get out there and graft with the long-term play in mind.

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August 11, 2022
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