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How to feel like Napoleon Bonaparte while traveling

How to feel like Napoleon Bonaparte while traveling

The French cruise company Ponant now offers a new voyage called Napoleon Bonaparte: History and Heritage, featuring hot spots from the life of the Corsican leader who nearly conquered Europe. The 20-night trip aboard Le Lyrial sets sail from Dakar, Senegal, and stops at St. Helena, the British Overseas Territory where Napoleon was banished in 1815. The cruise follows the same route taken by HMS Northumberland, the Royal Navy warship that escorted Napoleon to St. Helena.

The voyage includes a visit to Georgetown on Ascension Island before returning to the luxurious five-star hotel on the sea, Le Lyrial, for a few more days before arriving at St. Helena's hub of Jamestown to explore evidence of the emperor's exile. The cruise departs in October!

Ponant assures travelers that despite the emperor's suffering and eventual death from stomach cancer on St. Helena, they will love the island's diverse landscape, from lush nature to steep cliffs. Visitors can tour the Briars and Longwood House pavilions where Napoleon was forced to live and pay respects at the Valley of the Tomb where his body rested for 19 years before being moved to France. The cruise then sails for two more days before reaching Brazil, where travelers can enjoy a few days of free time to explore.

However, no matter what you choose to do on the cruise, you'll gain knowledge along the way. While on the ship, guests can enjoy live music from Peter Hicks, a historian, and musician who specializes in songs that were popular during Napoleon's reign. Although Ponant has yet to confirm if there will be a Napoleon impersonator on board, there will be experts available to share their knowledge of the Battle of Waterloo (although the ship will not be sailing there) and the War of 1812, which Napoleon unsuccessfully attempted to invade Russia during (and the cruise will not be heading there either).

The cruise's itinerary will include conferences and lectures hosted by Thierry Lentz, the director of the Napoleon Foundation, as well as screenings of films and documentaries about the Napoleonic era. The ship's 144 staterooms and suites provide luxurious accommodations, with amenities such as a spa, fitness center, and two restaurants. Guests can indulge in dinners inspired by the dishes and wines served to Napoleon during his exile. Prices for the Napoleon Bonaparte: History and Heritage trip start at $13,080 for a Superior Stateroom and range up to $58,280 for the Owner's Suite.

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May 19, 2023
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