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Why is Zelensky the most popular president in Europe

Why is Zelensky the most popular president in Europe

Volodymyr Zelensky might be the world’s most popular president, as today, everyone knows his life story. He was an actor who became president. But his story is way more complicated and also talks about the complex cultural bonds that are between Russia and Ukraine. Because he started his business and acting career in longtime Russian showbiz with the title being an acronym for  Sovietism: KVN is an original concept like sketch comedy.After he reached success with his troupe both in Russia and Ukraine, Zelensky formed a production company and a studio where he produced shows, events, and popular shows like Ukrainian Dancing with the Stars. He even won that show! But in the meantime, he also produced and created, and even played characters in various Russian comedies. When he became involved in politics, Zelensky didn’t forget about his comedy career, and even his latest role came out at the same time he became the Ukrainian president. There is one movie that’s probably super popular nowadays, the Servant of the People, made in 2015. This movie turned Zelensky into a public figure, and was representative of his president role as well, as this is a satire of Ukrainian politics. But again, he played his part in Russian. 

In 2019, Zelensky had his victory against Petro Poroshenko, and he was not the only artist to run for the presidency, in fact, running in the same election a rock singer - Slava Vakarchuk (band Okean Elzy) - a plausible candidate and the first choice for a number of progressive young people who considered Zelensky just an acceptable option as a plan b, in fact. After he became president, several of his colleagues from show business also entered the government. But he promised to fight corruption. He banned unfriendly TV networks and took responsibility for do the right gestures and a few hours into the war Ukraine got control over the narrative. With his help, the Russians didn’t overpower Ukraine's military. There were three statements, which were turning points. The first one was definitely the speech on the eve of the war that was made in Russian to address the people of Russia. Zelensky said “You’ve been told I’m going to bomb Donbas. Bomb what? The stadium where I and the local guys cheered for our team at Euro 2012?”

His way of communicating was such as a parent who lost their child and he was addressing a possible abductor on TV.  He was saying his child’s name (Ukraine) again and again. Zelensky knew that this technique was a movie cliche that would work to his advantage and in Ukraine’s advantage as well. But this is not the only example of a game-changing way of communication technique. Because of his answer to the Americans who offered to evacuate him from the country and the capital, he responded that “I need ammo, not a ride.” Which was impressive and hit the spot. Then his video was shot during the night on the streets of the capital with his members of the Cabinet, he sent a message to his country that was a crucial one and invited everyone to empathy and solidarity, saying that “We’re still here.”Today, the notoriety of Zelensky is different from the normal admiration for any politician, because in general, people have wished for him and want him to be protected. He might become a pop idol, although let’s not forget that he isn’t a superhero or a symbol of everything that stands against Trump or Putin. Zelensky is a human being. 

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July 21, 2022
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