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Glamping is like camping, but better: where to make your next escape

Glamping is like camping, but better: where to make your next escape

While many love the beauty of the great outdoors, some find comfort in observing it from a distance. After all, your passion for nature doesn't necessarily translate to an enthusiasm to go on a long weekend in the woods. Admittedly, submerging oneself in Mother Nature's unpredictability is a significant project, despite her breathtaking charm. So, if you want something that can reassure you, enter the realm of glamping - a trend that seeks to make outdoor experiences more approachable for those who might shy away from traditional camping setups.

Coined in 2005 from "glamour" and "camping," this trend has since captured the nation's imagination, rewriting the playbook for outdoor adventures. If your ideal connection with nature involves savoring wine while seated in a fancy chair outside a cozy tent, then you've discovered your niche.

Read this article to discover glamping sanctuaries across the United States worth exploring: from avant-garde mountainside pods to lavishly equipped shelters and fun seaside retreats, these destinations should be in your vacation plans. And yes, even if you are one of those who normally ignore camping, you will find it hard to resist the attraction of these sites and might even feel driven to start packing your bags.

West Beach

Easily reachable by ferry from mainland Washington in the Pacific Northwest, Orcas Island includes a precious gem within the San Juan archipelago. It's a treasure trove of thrilling opportunities, featuring activities like whale watching, virgin beaches, tranquil lakes, and rugged mountain trails. During your stay on the island, submerge yourself in the West Beach glamping resort. This haven boasts delightful waterfront cabins and ample safari tents that warmly welcome pets. Plus, these accommodations provide an ideal blend of the island's innate splendor and the familiar comforts of home.

The Vintages Trailer Resort

Within this glamping facility, you'll discover a collection of 36 meticulously refurbished vintage trailers, each offering a unique lodging experience. Contemporary amenities adorn these spaces, containing premium linens and furnishings, locally sourced wines, and artisanal pour-over coffee from the nearby Caravan Coffee roastery. What's more, every trailer is equipped with modern amenities like flat-screen TVs and the more spacious units boast outdoor tubs. The site is nestled along a tree-bordered pathway that converts into a magical scene at night, illuminated by a multitude of lights. To make the guest experience more spectacular, there's a full-sized heated outdoor pool that is perfect for those cozy nights of your stay here.

Timberline Glamping at Hillsborough River

A stone's throw from downtown Tampa, Hillsborough River State Park reveals a vast diversity of nature trails and opportunities for observing wildlife. Within this kingdom, Timberline Glamping presents an exceptional array of generously proportioned safari tents and ball tents, each thoughtfully equipped with comprehensive furnishings. These concessions cater perfectly to sizeable groups, complete with bunk beds designed for younger occupants. Submerge yourself in the park's offerings by venturing into its diverse terrain through hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, and the exploration of suspension bridges. Alternatively, take a stroll along the river's brisk rapids to fully appreciate the natural splendor.

Desolation Hotel Hope Valley

Comprising 28 meticulously rejuvenated cabins, each adorned with handcrafted furnishings from local artisans and high-end kitchen appliances, the resort offers a mixture of studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom designs. Additionally, the property boasts seven lavish yurts, as well as a fully restored 1951 Spartan trailer, completed by campgrounds for an array of accommodation choices. On the premises, guests can indulge in a wood-fired sauna, gaze at the stars through provided telescopes, gather around fire pits, amuse in yard games, and access seasonal equipment tailored for outdoor exploits.

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September 15, 2023
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