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Elegant linen blazers and slim-fit trousers? Wedding attire on sale at Reiss

Elegant linen blazers and slim-fit trousers? Wedding attire on sale at Reiss

You know it (and we know it too): August is officially the wedding season, no matter where you are in the world right now. Weddings are in full swing and sales begin to take over the clothing stores. While women have a vast display of affordable and trendy options to choose from, such as pastels, slip dresses, and softened florals - men often face a more prominent challenge in discovering the ideal formalwear. Because when you're attending a wedding, it's essential to stick to the desired dress code. Nevertheless, if the dress code gives you a headache or you literally don't have time to go for extensive shopping, you definitely can't go wrong with neutral color choices like navy, gray, or beige when opting for a classic suit and tie. The versatility of these elements allows you to wear them to various other events in the future, making them practical assets in your everyday wardrobe.

That being said, if you're really hoping to avoid spending a fortune on your outfit for the next planned wedding, we have some good news for all the guys out there searching for one! Reiss currently has a wide selection of options on sale, with discounts of up to 60%! Looking for a double-breasted linen blazer? They've got you covered. How about slim-fit trousers that will make your legs look amazing? Yes, you can indeed look snatched, and Reiss has what you need. So, to make things easier, we've chosen some absolute must-haves from this limited-time sale. But act fast, as we don't have any information on when it ends. So, without further delay, fill up your cart with a thing or two that catches your attention.

Also, if you happen to be reading this for your significant other, don't worry—there are also a ton of wedding guest dresses available at significant discounts. Happy shopping!

The Angel Linen Blazer is a double-breasted gem made of linen fabric that makes it perfect for warmer weather, and the best part is that a man can effortlessly style it with a basic tee even after the wedding, getting even more wear out of it.

The Pact Slim-Fit Linen Trousers boast a lightweight cotton-linen blend with a slim fit, an elastic waistband, and suitable side-slip pockets. You can also pair them with a button-up shirt, and you'll achieve a polished yet comfortable look effortlessly.

The Lough Textured Blazer is a military-inspired cut in wool absolutely stunning. If you've got any fall RSVPs on your calendar, don't wait till the last moment—you should get your hands on this stylish piece before you find that they are sold out - that would be a pity!

The Evie Floral Print Shirt is a versatile piece that can be worn on its own for a playful look, or you can layer it underneath a top coat of your preference to achieve a refined and charming outfit.

About the brand

Since its start in 1971, Reiss has been driven by a design philosophy focused on crafting contemporary menswear, womenswear, accessories, and children's clothes that transcend ephemeral trends and stand the test of time. With a dedicated design team and an in-house atelier in London, the brand remains committed to creating pieces that embody its legacy, resulting in a modern fashion house that offers collections of achievable luxury and uncompromising elegance. In five decades, Reiss has developed a unique style language, attracting loyal customers, famous celebrities, and even the British Royals!

What's more, timeless style is at the heart of Reiss, ensuring their coats, jackets, and knits remain fashionable season after season. Their design philosophy centers on lasting modernity, where products are born bold and defiant, addressing collective needs and growing into classics rather than fading. Reiss constantly challenges non-functional design features, eliminating harsh elements to refine and reveal the true essence of each design. If a product loses its purpose through this process, it was never meant to be in the first place. With confidence, they interpret macro trends in their unique way, embracing only what aligns with their signature style while rejecting any idea that does not embody the essence of Reiss.

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September 1, 2023
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