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What about penis numbing products?

What about penis numbing products?

If your goal is longer sex, then go for it, find penis numbing products. But if your goal is better sex, then we say skip. Why? Read the article to find out!

Today, the demand for instantaneous things is on the rise, and people are asking more than TikToks and juicy headlines. Transferred in the personal lives of many men nowadays, this demand is in what concerns eroticism, and it’s all about erections. In pop culture, there are plenty of moments and instances when people complain about the duration of a partner lasting in bed. However, studies are difficult to fund so there is no connection between commercials and research.

Knowing the need for more time, there are brands that chase in on the fear s0me have regarding their performance in bed and distort the reality, making you believe (mistakenly) that long sex is good sex, which is not true. However, there are products that help you last longer, like a spray or a wipe that numbs the penis. Do urologists agree with this? One doctor and Fellow from the University of British Columbia explains that there are different types of premature ejaculation (PE). It can be lifelong and acquired. Some men have experienced lifelong PE and have always had an orgasm within 1-2 minutes of sex. With acquired PE, men reach orgasm after 2-3 minutes. However, the perfect length of time that can take until the orgasm is clearly debatable and personal. Because ultimately, it’s up to each preference, so if you come in the first three minutes and you’re satisfied with that, that means you are not prematurely ejaculating.

Perhaps the difficult task of doctors in the field is to explain to you what exactly is “normal” when it comes to premature ejaculation. Some might have high expectations without knowing that in general, people last less than they do. And the majority of people have an orgasm in 5-6 minutes. And if you or your partner are not worried or bothered, this is not a problem, and not a medical one at least. However, if you or your partner are concerned with orgasming too soon, you might want to try a numbing spray or wipe. Numbing products are super safe, as doctors can tell you, but they are recommended to be tested before by yourself - without a partner and see what works best for you. If you have a difficulty, don’t ignore it, as some premature ejaculation challenges can be related to a more serious erectile dysfunction, or other issues such as diabetes or heart problems. So, make sure you consult your doctor!

However, there might bea bigger philosophical question at stake here: is lasting long the main key to really good sex? Well, the answer is no. It might actually be the opposite, since a lot of people prefer it when their partner comes quickly (in the first 5-10 minutes), and lasting long does not guarantee you will make your partner orgasm even if you last for hours. So, if you search for ways to improve your sex life, the best is to start by talking to your partner and decide together what you both need. It might be you need to engage in more oral sex or maybe even try a sex toy. And if you decide that longer sex is what you need, then look for numbing products. Just be certain that good sex can happen no matter the time. Here’s two tips: improve your technique and focus more on foreplay!

Don’t forget, there is no absolute answer, it all depends on how you feel and what your expectations are, because sex studies are very difficult to run. Why? Just think about it, people don’t really like to self-report or be watched by students that are researching their intimate parts. However, one study from a few years ago, made on 500 people, showed that erections can last between 1 - 44 minutes. And the majority of people last for… 5 minutes!

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July 7, 2022
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