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The ASMR searches on Pornhub

The ASMR searches on Pornhub

What exactly is ASMR? Well, Wikipedia explains it as the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or more generally referred to as ASMR a “perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, or cognitive stimuli.” In different terms, exposure to specific triggers like the sound of whispering or observing a person touch their hair activates a feeling of almost trance. Most of the stimuli are visual or acoustic, so like many other video channels, Pornhub explores this type of content planned to get a “brain orgasm” for those who enjoy it. In the last 7 years, ASMR searches have increased on the website, possibly due to the significant amount of media attention the phenomenon has acquired since 2015. And here's what the statistics say about their searches!

In the previous years, ASMR searches increased by more than 200% (2016, 2017). In 2018 searches rose 174%, then by 92% in 2019 and 76% in 2020. As supply obeys the market, it’s no surprise that uploads of ASMR videos witnessed a comparable increase since 2015, with the biggest growth occurring from 2018 until the present. So what genres ASMR fans do enjoy? The Pornhub statisticians looked at what other searches were most famous during the same visits to the website. The research shows that “Joi”, "hentai", "Japanese", "lesbian", and "pov" appear in the same searches performed before or after ASMR. Moreover, the searches related to sounds: “dirty talk”, “moaning” and “erotic audio” are also present.

Men are 27% more likely to search for ASMR-related videos when compared to women. Pornhub visitors aged 18 to 24 are 113% more likely to search ASMR when resembling other age levels, with viewers over 35 being considerably less likely to search for ASMR. Within the US, viewers from Vermont are 32% more likely to search ASMR when compared to the national average. Oregon 27%, Alaska 25%, and Washington 23%. District of Columbia is -30% less likely to search for ASMR, as well as -24% in Wyoming, -22% in Mississippi, and -15% in Connecticut. Globally, visitors from Finland are the most likely to search for ASMR at 247%. Hong Kong is 201% more likely to search, pursued by 99% in Uruguay, 97% in Sweden, 92% in Norway, and 84% in Iceland.


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September 18, 2022
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