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Discover a luxurious new wellness retreat in the Himalayan foothills

Discover a luxurious new wellness retreat in the Himalayan foothills

The luxury hospitality brand Six Senses has announced the opening of its first wellness retreat in India, located in the scenic Himalayan foothills of Dehradun. As a result, the 21-acre property, named Six Senses Vana, boasts 66 rooms and 16 premium suites, including the standout Vana Suite, spanning over 3,000 square feet with a bedroom, kitchenette, dining room, sundeck, plunge pool, and panoramic views - all waiting to be discovered. Not sure if you should give it a try? Well, the suite also features floor-to-ceiling windows for ample natural light!

Get ready to discover a new travel destination!

Six Senses Vana, located in a dense Sal forest near Dehradun with views of the Himalayan foothills of Mussoorie, is a sanctuary for all living beings, including people, plants, birds, butterflies, and monkeys. Guests are welcomed with a traditional forehead dotting and given loose-fitting clothing to wear, and upon departure receive a red-string blessing. The resort, operating under the name Vana since 2014, was founded by Veer Singh with a strong philosophy of sustainable farming, traditional wisdom, and a connection to nature. Under the Six Senses brand, the resort continues to promote guests' physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Because each personalized stay at Six Senses Vana includes a tailored nutrition plan, a wellness consultation, and daily activities to aid in relaxation. Guests will also receive an organic cotton kurta to wear during their stay, along with a selection of silk scarves to add a touch of elegance.

Six Senses Vana offers a variety of holistic and natural treatments to promote overall wellness, including Ayurveda body dosha therapy to address imbalances and traditional Tibetan medicine by a Sowa Rigpa practitioner. Guests can also take advantage of sleep-tracking services, which include massages or night-time drinks to promote a night of restful sleep. Additional highlights include yoga sessions, guided meditations, and mani-pedi treatments. What’s not to love?

So, if you’re not convinced yet, just let us say that Six Senses Vana is a place of tranquility and connection, where guests can let go of their worries and connect with nature and each other. And according to General Manager Jaspreet Singh, the resort offers personalized health and wellness experiences, from the moment guests arrive with a red dot on their forehead, to the moment they leave with a red string blessing on their wrist. It is a place where everyone, even regular retreat-goers, can feel truly unique and rejuvenated.

Every moment is a good opportunity to focus on wellness, so there is no perfect time to visit a retreat other than when it works for you. Each season at Six Senses Vana offers its own unique experiences and pleasures, from Vasanta (spring), Grishma (summer), Varsha (monsoon), Sharad (autumn), Hemanta (pre-winter), and Shishira (winter). The resort is alive and vibrant throughout the year.

The resort strives to protect and nurture, offering a space for discovery and growth. The retreat combines Ayurveda, Yoga, Tibetan Medicine, and Natural Healing Therapies with a diverse daily activity schedule and personalized support. Guests will find nourishing food, including an Ayurvedic specialty restaurant, various therapies such as acupuncture, reflexology, and natural alignment, and a friendly team. The retreat's unique approach is to blend these elements together to best benefit guests based on their current state of mind and body, and personal goals for the stay.

Long story short, you should know that retreats vary depending on the duration of your stay, the level of personal exploration desired, and the amount of support and independence needed. Plus, each stay at Six Senses Vana includes full-board accommodation, personalized nutrition, daily retreat activities, wellness consultation and screening, and traditional attire to wear.

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January 20, 2023
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