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Business traveling? Here’s how to make it fun and more exciting

Business traveling? Here’s how to make it fun and more exciting

Although few professions are as gratifying as those that involve traveling, they can also be among the most difficult (despite the allure of jet-setting and alluring flight attendants). Dealing with connections, layovers, and the sudden realization that your seatmate might use you as a flotation device in the event of an emergency can be daunting, even for the most intrepid travelers. Thankfully, the following tips, shared by experienced professionals, will assist you in navigating not just the friendly skies, but also airports, third-world nations, and long, solitary days in hotel rooms, with ease.

Sun-Tzu, the brilliant strategist, once stated, "The wise warrior wins first, and then goes to war." The significance of preparation is just as essential in travel as it is in battle (and if you've ever tried to catch a connecting flight at O'Hare, you'll understand). While other jet-lagged travelers are milling about in a state of confusion, you'll already be at the gate, strategizing your next move.

While it's crucial to always search for the cheapest flights - and double-check, recent research indicates that prices are typically at their lowest 54 days before departure, though that number is much higher for international travel. Additionally, there are additional costs to consider, such as checked baggage fees. Even if your employer provides you with a travel allowance, costs can quickly accumulate, making strategic packing essential. To save space, clothing must be worn multiple times. To preserve your business attire, consider including a separate set of casual wear for use in and around the hotel during your leisure time.

What’s more, it’s also vital to remember that what you pack is just as critical as how you pack it. When it comes to luggage, opting for carry-ons and checked bags with wheels is a must. You don't want to be that individual frantically searching for their boarding pass while their partially unzipped backpack spills dirty socks all over Terminal B. A four-wheeled rolling suitcase is not only more manageable, but it also tends to be sturdier.

We’re sure you know this already, but we need to remind you that airports are often chaotic environments, and the only method to save time is to provide yourself with sufficient time. Arrive at the airport 90 minutes before your scheduled departure (two hours for international flights). As security protocols become increasingly stringent, it's essential to give yourself some flexibility. By familiarizing yourself with TSA procedures ahead of time, you can avoid unnecessary inconvenience for yourself and others.

Unfortunately, having too much time can be just as inconvenient as having too little. Being stuck in the terminal can be maddening, and there's only so much browsing one can do at the bookstore. Regarding Wi-Fi, even when purchasing wireless access is an option, these connections can be insecure and typically require a separate fee for each device. However, experienced traveler knows to use a USB hotspot or enable tethering to transform their smartphone into a wireless connection for their computer and other gadgets. While this may consume data and your phone's battery, a dependable phone plan, and power cord can quickly solve these issues.

When flying internationally, the bulk of your travel time will be spent on the airplane, and once again, careful planning is essential. For optimal comfort, wear light and breathable attire. There's nothing worse than being stuck on a plane in uncomfortable clothing. Many inexperienced business travelers don their finest outfits to the airport - sure, sipping a martini at the flight bar while dressed in a three-piece suit might look impressive, but after six or more hours of being cramped in quarters, it will be wrinkled, stained with sweat, and covered in peanut or pretzel residue, depending on the airline. As previously stated, you will most likely wear these items multiple times during your trip. Save the suit for your significant presentation and celebratory drinks later on.

Last but not least, Language barriers can lead to significant problems if you are unaware of what to do. Although English is becoming more prevalent, you still need a contingency plan to avoid getting stranded in a remote location, arguing with a tuk-tuk driver who only speaks Thai.

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March 17, 2023
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