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Love Anime? Here’s what to watch in 2023

Love Anime? Here’s what to watch in 2023

We've passed the halfway point in 2023, and anime series are already better than last year. Major series from 2022 have carried over, and original shows like Blue Lock, Chainsaw Man, and Spy x Family also left their mark. How could the new year possibly top all that greatness?

This year has you covered with the long-awaited returns of anime shows. Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, Vinland Saga, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and Tokyo Revengers are all coming back to thrill audiences once more. And there's more - Pokémon enters its 26th year with a shocking new direction that promises to surprise even the most seasoned of trainers. Plus, hotly anticipated manga like Hell's Paradise will receive their well-deserved adaptations.

So get comfortable on the couch because you need to catch up with these triumphant returns and discover exciting new shows. 2023 is another incredible year for anime that will keep viewers glued to their screens.

Ranking of Kings: Season Two

Ranking of Kings, the tale of a small prince who chooses compassion over coercion to lead his realm, was one of the most surprisingly stellar anime of last season. Revisiting Bojji's kingdom with a series of short vignettes that further develop its self-contained story, audiences were delighted to reunite with the endearing royal once more embarking on new adventures.

Buddy Daddies

Aiming to capture all the attention - Buddy Daddies is a spiritual successor to Spy x Family, and it's becoming super popular today. With a title all but guaranteeing curiosity from viewers, the premise follows in Spy's footsteps - pairing two assassins with an unexpected childcare duty when a job lands a little girl in their care. While capitalizing on Spy's daddy-daughter appeal risks coming across as a derivative cash-in, Buddy Daddies' concept suggests it could deliver the same blend of action and heart if it taps into that feel-good formula. Fans will at least check out the first episode on intrigue value alone to see if this show offers as much charm and spirit as the breakout hit that inspired it.

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

Akira Tendo contemplates his post-transformation bucket list in Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead. Both an absurdist take on apocalyptic survival and a gloomy workplace routine, the manga balances humor with unexpected poignancy. As the story sees Akira methodically ticking experiences off his list against the backdrop of collapse, it offers timely social analysis on finding purpose and meaning even in times of crisis. Though the premise seems crafted for maximum satisfaction, Zom 100's heartfelt core sneaks up on readers. Netflix is betting this balance of brains and heart will translate to their live-action adaptation slated for this August, hoping to mimic the book's cult phenomenon on a much larger audience. With its sharp satire and redemptive quest for one man's humanity, the series may be a hit in the post-pandemic era.

Hell's Paradise

Given an impossible choice, an assassin facing execution is instead offered an opportunity to regain his freedom through an extraordinary quest. Captors from the Shogunate stay his death, pledging a full pardon should he locate a legendary elixir granting eternal life and deliver it into their possession. But the task comes with a catch - he must travel with his executioner, returning together or not at all. With certain death the only other option, the grim partners embark on an odyssey through fantastical lands to find the fabled potent which could redeem one and is desired by the other. Their unlikely alliance will be put to the ultimate test on a mission to retrieve what few believe exists, with both men's lives and souls hanging in the balance.

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September 15, 2023
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