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You’ll want these Halloween candles to burn this October

You’ll want these Halloween candles to burn this October

If you’re determined to do next month - October - the proper way, odds are that you have a lot of Halloween-themed actions planned to mark a new spooky season. You know what we mean by that: costume parties, scary movies, decorating your house for the haunted houses season and so much more! The truth is, possibilities are endless, and creativity is out of the box this month. So, how about you bring some warmth and light and create an eerie atmosphere? You'll absolutely love these Halloween candles then!

Because you can always rely on candles to set the mood, which is why you must have the right ones, the ones that smell and look spooky enough. The ones that align with the Halloween tone. However, unfortunately, discovering the ideal choice can be problematic, particularly since there are numerous tacky candles out there. So, if you want some inspiration and ideas on what to buy, we got you. There are some really good options for a Halloween aesthetic in this article. So just read it and find your match.

  1. Vampire Tears Black Candles - Set of 4 Bleeding Candles

These pointed candlesticks are black on the outside and surprise! They “bleed” a red wax when they are lit, which is pretty awesome and scary. Long story short, they are gruesome embodiments an absolute must for a right Halloween table. Your goth friend will be thrilled.

  1. White Barn Dark Amber & Oud 3-Wick Candle

This smells just like a woodland after rainstorms have passed by. Fragrance notes dark golden amber, fresh rainwater, and oud wood. The earthy aromas from this amber and oud wood candle will provide major Halloween vibes, trust us.

  1. Birthdate Candles October Thirty-First Candle


This is a multilayered fragrance with woodsy and floral notes, with a base of mahogany and musk and a top of bergamot and plum. It also has touches of cinnamon. The complexity is an absolute must for those who have imagination, are passionate and intense and most of all, LOVE Halloween. This candle is made-to-order from an all-natural soy and coconut wax blend.

  1. Pretty Honest Shop Medusa Skull Candle

These hand-made skulls are created to look like Medusa, which they do resemble. Plus, the fun thing is that you can choose your favorite color.

  1. Rated R Candle

These candles are absolutely smooth, sleek, and simple. Rated R is a beautiful mix of flavours and scents that bring you on the realms of sweet cognac, lemons and oranges. This candle is bad to the bone in a good way, and it sure is suitable for a night of scary movies.

  1. Yankee Candle Midsummer's Night

If you love musky flavors and notes, you will love this one from Yankee Candle. The aesthetic is spooky enough and the fragrance will take you to a horror tale of princes and princesses.

  1. Apotheke Charcoal Candle

Their number 1 best seller featured in the signature matte black vessel, charcoal can elevate any room in your home. The cedarwood notes and sandalwood scent are mixed with smokey amber and oud. This Charcoal candy is a full experience and will delight your senses. It’s customers’ favorite and it will fill your home with a rich and inviting scent that everyone will fall in love with.

  1. Voluspa Suede Noir

The brand describes it as “a shaded embrace in a lush excursion of complex, yet smooth sensuality. Creating a profusion of fleeting scents - Vintage Dark Suede, burning Palo Santo, traces of Patchouli, trails of smoky Hemp & Tobacco and the softly rising Vanilla moon - Suede Noir comes together delicately in a hushed, mellifluous voice, reminiscent of old vinyl records. Play it again and again.” This candle looks like it belongs in the Versace mansion, and it will bring the perfect glam to your Halloween party.

  1. BLK Sunflower Light The Fire

Pour the wine, light the fire. This seductive scent might get you into trouble, but we take no responsibility for what happens before, during, or after you light this candle. This delight smells like Woodsy & Earthy and it’s your perfect Halloween scent.

  1. Coffin Skeleton Candle

Time to creep out your friends and family with the original coffin skeleton candle! While this fun coffin candle is melting, it will reveal a metal skeleton and it will definitely make for a great conversation starter. Your guests will definitely love it. Standing at 11 inches tall, this LARGE unscented candle will certainly put the fun in FUNeral!

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September 29, 2022
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