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Never too old to look good - discover Bob Dylan’s secret and his style

Never too old to look good - discover Bob Dylan’s secret and his style

On May 24, 2023, Bob Dylan will celebrate his 82nd birthday, which holds little relevance to other people’s lives. However, today we have a different story as we stumbled upon some photos of the iconic musician wearing Celine. These images were taken by the creative director of the French fashion house, Hedi Slimane, at Dylan's residence in Los Angeles. Upon viewing them, it is quite evident that Dylan looks incredibly stylish and captivating.

Naturally, this brings us back to Dylan's upcoming birthday, as he is no longer a young man. However, the fashion label Celine, under Slimane's creative direction, has established a remarkable connection with youth culture, almost like a supernatural aesthetic and spiritual alignment. This ability has been evident since Slimane's previous work at Saint Laurent and Dior Homme. Typically, dressing an older individual in trendy, youthful clothing can come across as forced and desperate, attempting to hold onto something that is long gone. It leads to sayings like "dress appropriately for your age."

However, Dylan defies this stereotype. The sunglasses, leather jacket, and black trousers only amplify his elder statesman aura. He appears comfortable and relaxed in the sleek, all-black, impeccably tailored clothes that have become a Slimane signature. As he strolls towards the VIP section of a club, he looks poised to offer sage advice to the cool kids or take them down with a single-cutting remark. The reason why Dylan pulls off this look is not as straightforward as a simple rule such as "dress your age." There is something more elemental, true, and frustratingly complex that cannot be easily defined. It is this: personal style reigns supreme. Once you know what works for you, general guidelines become irrelevant, within reasonable limits. This look may not suit everyone, particularly at the age of 81. Yet, Dylan can wear it effortlessly, and he is aware of it. That is precisely why he can pull it off.

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March 17, 2023
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