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5 travel products you won't want to live without

5 travel products you won't want to live without

As always during summer, there's an abundance of time off everywhere you look, encouraging people to embark on trips of all sorts: short weekend getaways or extended week-long vacations - we all seem to be jetting off to new and exciting destinations. That's why, over time, we've honed our travel skills, making the whole experience an easy task that no longer requires any stress. Because there's an unparalleled joy when your travel journey flows seamlessly. Just think about it: being at the airport can be relaxing and enjoyable if you have the right essentials at hand! Like a light suitcase with smooth gliding wheels, a cozy sweater for the flight, a good pair of sunglasses, and a trustworthy backpack to hold all your essentials. Yes, they're just a few of the must-haves.

And yes, sometimes, it's the little things that matter and really enhance your travel experience. Wanna know our secrets to a stress-free trip? Get ready to focus on your destination without worrying about the journey: these tried-and-tested favorite products will make your travels smoother and more enjoyable!

Rimowa Cabin Carry-On

If you are wondering if it is worth it - then the answer is yes, absolutely. The quality and craftsmanship of this carry-on bag are exceptional, making it lightweight, durable, and gliding effortlessly like a dream. Especially if you're looking for a luxurious piece that will stay by your side for the next decade or even beyond. This is the one to invest in, and it won't let you down.

J.Crew Cashmere Crewneck Sweater

Making sure you carry a cashmere sweater in your carry-on bag when you fly is not an option. Because we all know a smooth, cozy sweater can make everything better, and you can just throw it over a t-shirt or button down. The result? Instant comfort. Actually, cashmere's softness is unparalleled, making it perfect for long overnight flights and the best part is that, being a natural fiber, it won't absorb any airplane odors, allowing you to wear it confidently after you've arrived at your destination. And one more thing: cashmere breathes extremely well, ensuring a consistent body temperature even during hot summer flights.

So, for the summer months, you can choose a light gray Brunello Cucinelli V-neck and a navy-blue Ralph Lauren cable knit to keep you cozy during the dead of winter. The navy J. Crew sweater serves as a versatile option as well. And regardless of where you're seated, whether it's a cramped middle seat or not, a cashmere sweater will make you look good and feel good on your journey.

The Messenger Bag

Meet this little guy, it's perfectly sized to tuck into your backpack or carry-on without disturbing your packing organization. Not only is it excellent for stashing the essentials like sunglasses, phone, wallet, and more, but it also demonstrates to be a reliable companion while you explore your destination. Its abundance of pockets guarantees that everything finds its assigned spot, and the fabric used is both durable and comfortable, not to mention incredibly chic.

Polo Ralph Lauren Canvas Tote

If you have owned and tested numerous travel totes but you are still convinced that the perfect bag has yet to be created, then this item might be for you. An excellent go-to choice, the Ralph Lauren tote, comes remarkably close to perfection with a classic design that outshines any cheap nylon tote. It has sturdy leather handles holding up well even after several uses, and it feels like it will only improve with time. With a convenient crossbody strap, carrying this bag is a pleasure. The sides can be buttoned down for a sleek appearance or left undone, providing a more spacious silhouette, perfect for weekend getaways, no matter if you're traveling by car, train, or plane. It can definitely accompany you anywhere and make you look stylish.

Nixon Gamma Backpack

Looking for the most reliable backpack that could accommodate your laptop as well? Also, a place to organize your toiletries and a change of clothes without bouncing all over the place and creating chaos? Then you need to get your hands on Nixon's Gamma backpack quickly.

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September 8, 2023
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